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Super-Special-X-MAS GIG
December 25, 2017 - 9 pm
NOT the same procedure ...
It all began on Friday 25.12.1992, in the premises of the gastronomy of the former Racket-Centre, in the "Ralf’s".
. No one other than our guitar player Walt ran the bar at that time, then still under pseudonym Ralf (well!), one or the other might remember.
After various locations we were then the past years to Christmas always to guest in the TAPS in Uetersen. We’ve rocked the little location over 25 times! There were great moments there, among other things we recorded our live CD for the 30th anniversary of the band in 2010!
But everything has its time.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank our favourite Uetersen landlord Rüdiger for his patience, inspiration, delicious "Beamish" and last but not least the wonderful dialogues!

For the 25th anniversary of our "Christmas oratories" we return to Wedel to the old site. So we’ll play on Monday, December 25th, 2017, at the Mosquito Bar in Wedel.
More information will follow!

Next events will be adviced soon! Please be patient

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